Mission and Values


Proclaim the Word and equip disciples
to draw others into a relationship with Jesus.


To be a church full of equipped disciples passionately
pursuing others in our daily lives.

Core Values 

Christ centered

We strive to stay focused on Christ alone. Following the example of Christ, we seek to live holy lives, sharing the love and grace of Jesus Christ with all persons.

Biblical foundation

Because Scripture is God’s ultimate authority on how to live, we use it as our primary source of preaching and teaching.


We believe in the primacy of scripture and the grace of God. We believe that the Wesleyan tradition places a strong emphasis on the following: Biblically-based preaching, evangelism, new birth, personal faith and personal experience, assurance, growth in grace, and sanctification resulting in outward holiness.


We believe that Christian learning is life-long. Through preaching, teaching in small group settings, and living in Christian community, we are being equipped to minister to others.

Passionate about prayer

We believe the attitude and action of prayer is essential and infused (immersed) into everything we do – in our planning, in our meeting, and in our celebration of the work of God.


Being God’s Church requires a commitment to being intentionally involved with others in accountable and encouraging relationships. We believe life change happens best in the context of relationships where participants share and encourage each other toward spiritual growth.


We are a congregation where every member is encouraged and expected to have a role in ministry in the church, to the community,
and to the world.


Through Holy Spirit-led discernment, we are willing to take risks for the sake of building God’s kingdom through evangelism and outreach.


We believe in meeting the needs of others through sharing our abundant blessings both inside and outside our church congregation.

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